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Receive this book for your generous gift, Hope For Your Heart by June Hunt

Find Hope in Any Circumstance

Sooner or later, bad things happen to all of us. Injustice, loss and tragedy can all cause devastation, disappointment and deep pain. But there’s good news! Life’s disappointments don’t have to dominate your life.

We want to make hope available to you. June Hunt has written a wonderful, detailed book on her favorite subject, hope! If you’d like to learn how to find hope in any circumstance — through all the trials and troubles you may face — you’ll want a copy of Hope for Your Heart in your library. June presents one of the most thorough explanations of hope, weaving together biblical promises, personal stories and practical tips, to help you find your "solid anchor in life’s storms."

What makes this full-length book extra special is that it’s filled with stories and real-life applications so that you can gain a real understanding of how to live daily with hope and share it with others! Normally $14.99, we’d like to offer Hope For Your Heart free with your generous gift.

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Exclusive Partner benefits for monthly gifts of $30 or more:

  • Ongoing 20% discount on resources when calling into 1-800-488-HOPE

  • Hope For The Heart embossed journal

  • Biblical Counseling Keys on Hope: The Anchor of Your Soul

  • Seeing Yourself Through God’s Eyes, a 31-day devotional guide

How does your gift change a life?

  • $30 monthly provides biblical resources for 24 callers to our 1-800-488-HOPE Care Center.

  • $100 funds the operation of an International Point of Hope for one month.

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