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Your generosity helps us spread Hope through:

  • June’s Hope For The Heart and Hope In The Night radio programs
  • Trustworthy, biblical resources that strengthen faith, restore damaged relationships and bring families closer together
  • Heartfelt prayer and spiritual guidance through our Hope Care Line at 1-800-488-HOPE (4673)

To equip you with biblical tools and to say “thank you” for your gift of any amount …

You will receive a copy of Keeping Your Cool … When Your Anger Is Hot! by June Hunt. Most likely, you or someone close to you is dealing with unresolved anger. In this valuable book, readers will explore the biblical steps toward resolution and learn:

  • The four sources of anger
  • How to identify the triggers of anger
  • How to respond to angry people
  • What the Bible says about righteous and unrighteous anger
  • How to bring about real and lasting change
  • How to act positively rather than react negatively

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